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Working with our suppliers

Our third-party risk management policy sets out requirements with respect to our procurement, outsourcing and supplier management activities. Our supplier code of conduct applies to all suppliers and their sub-contractors that provide goods and services to Quilter. It sets out the minimum standards we expect our suppliers to adhere to when doing business with Quilter in addition to the contractual terms agreed.

The code covers legal compliance, ethical standards, conflicts of interest, anti-bribery and corruption, brands, trademarks and intellectual property, information and data protection, labour standards, living wage, discrimination, health and safety, and environmental management. We also expect them to promote these standards in their own supply chain where practical.

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The management of risk is critical to the success of our business in delivering great customer outcomes. When we choose a new supplier, we work with that supplier to identify risk through our ongoing risk assessment programme, which we then consider in our decision-making process.


Supplier management

Our supplier management programme is a framework used to help us work with our suppliers during the period of our relationship. This is designed to ensure that obligations from both parties are met. It covers aspects from performance, risk, and resilience through to financial management and innovation.

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